We provide a highly efficient service that is tailored to each customer’s individual requirements. We will carefully assess both the nature of the products and the method of transportation before recommending the most suitable, cost effective materials and service for each job. All of our services below can be fitted with shock watch and tilt watch to monitor your shipment from A to B, bespoke cut and internationally recognised stencils can be sprayed or applied with stickers where applicable. Every job we undertake is available in compliance with ISPM 15 export laws.

Export packing, packing case and pallet supply

These comprehensive services include:-

Packing Cases

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  • Timber, ply and batten, tongue and groove board and open slatted crates are amongst the most popular designs, although any specification or standard can be met, large or small. All of which can be water resistant lined as appropriate and have a wide range of fixings available from nails or screws to hinges, clips , handles and captive fasteners. Re useable exhibition cases, technical transport and storage cases with many options for foam inserts and supports depending on weights and materials. Also bespoke pallets for any size or weight.

Barrier Foil Controlled Environment Packing

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  • This type of protection is normally used inside a packing case, but can be used on a pallet. This can be carried out to commercial, MOD and antistatic grades. When used in conjunction with desiccants the moisture levels in the foil vacuum sealed bag can be controlled and kept to an absolute minimum.

Oxidisation and rust inhibitors

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  • All ferrous and non ferrous metals can be protected against oxidisation and rust using a vaporising agent. This vapour when in a sealed environment will surround the metal surfaces and then vaporise once the item is released. This can be administered in the form of plastic sheeting/bags to wrap with, diffusers or a heavy duty shrink wrap with the rust inhibitors already present.

Shrink Wrapping


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  • Shrink wrapping can be used to create a moisture resistant and durable cover for many items, small, large, irregular shapes, palletised goods and to cover open slatted crates. It is a lightweight solution to creating a barrier from the elements, U.V and light damage. Items can still be secured with bars or banding to pallets or stand alone. Shrink wrap is tamper evident in its nature.

Packing Service

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  • We provide a highly efficient packing service with all of our work if needed. Either on site or at our own premises. Our many years of experience allow us to asses each job and secure, pack and protect you’re products, leaving you with the confidence that comes from knowing the best possible solution to protecting your product from the environment and accidental damage has been chosen and carried out by a team of experienced and professional export packers. All work carried out with method statements and risk assessments wherever necessary.